We use the following products at the Salon.

We believe they offer the highest quality of ingredients and the highest quality of results available at the present from the

 Beauty Industry.

If you need further information on any product for your particular skin type, please contact the Salon for a detailed consultation

                 Katherine Daniels

             Beautifully British Concepts, lovingly developed by two British skin care experts who know that choosing the 

             right product for your skin should be based on more than just your skin type...

             Facials and homecare facial products recommended by skincare experts.

              Lash perfect
              The products we use for lash extensions are supplied by Lash Perfect. With many companies offering this service we have

              found that their bonding adhesive is excellent and the choice of lash thickness and length means we can apply extensions to  

              almost every length of natural lash.


               With an amazing range of colours and brilliant durability, Gelish polish is instantly dry and will last for at least 2 weeks

               without chipping.

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